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Weekly Crypto News #4

This is a periodic section that features the most important news in the blockchain and crypto world of the last 7 days.


MIT comes up with three ways to take bitcoin down.

17 millions of total 21 mln bitcoins now mined in milestone for digital scarcity.



Will Ethereum or Ripple ever beat Bitcoin?

Ripple partners with 5 more European and Asian companies.


Price Analysis

Weekly price overview April 26th

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Market Direction Depends on Next Price Line Tests.



SEC Official Defends ‘Balanced’ ICO Oversight in Congress.

ICO Promoters Can Expect Canada to Be as Tough as the US.

EOS Hype Builds as Over 50 Candidates Vie for 21 Supernodes.


Japanese Crypto Exchange Everybody’s bitcoin receive citation form financial regulators.

Spanish BBVA becomes first global bank to issue loan using blockchain.



IBM Files Patent For Proof-Of-Work Protocol Tailored To IoT Networks.

IBM and jewelry industry leaders to use blockchain to trace origin of diamonds.


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