cryptocurrency, launch, zcash October 28, 2016 Davide Gessa No comments

ZCash is here! Mainnet released

ZCash is here, the mainnet started few seconds ago with the release of the genesis block; the software with the mainnet genesis block is available for download. Download here: Many exchanges will add ZEC pairs asap, and they will instantly appear on ethereumwisdom zcash page. Keep it synced! Useful resources: Official website: Forum: […]

cryptocurrency, launch, zcash October 26, 2016 Davide Gessa No comments

ZCash launch tomorrow

ZCash will be launched in 1 day, 28 of October. Are you ready for it? If not, I’ll try to summarize what you need. First of all, what’s zcash? As the website says: Zcash is the first open, permissionless financial system employing zero-knowledge security. Clear right? Basically zcash is a new cryptocurrency, where miners […]