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Flypme to create the first Accountless Exchange

HolyTransaction is one of the oldest multicurrency wallets on the cryptocurrency market, and now it announces a new ICO to fund Flypme, the first ever accountless exchange.

No needs for registration

Flyp.me is an innovative way that enables users to benefit from an accountless service: no registration is required to exchange the most popular digital currencies in the crypto world.

The exchange allows users from all around the world to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens while earning a percentage of fees of each trade under the Flyp.me accountless exchange.

Here you can take a look at the Flyp.me demo.

Tokens and ICO

Flyp.me started a pre-sale for distributing their ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens called FYP.

FYP tokens will be available in two different rounds, the pre-sale and the ICO.

The pre-sale period started on July 10th and will end the day before the ICO starts.

The ICO will end on September 21st, and then no additional FYP will be created for any reason.

Vote and governance

All token owners will receive proportional profits from Flyp.me and will have the possibility to vote and propose new features through the stake of their own FYP.

The VIP-access platform will be web-based and users with more than a certain number of FYP can access an exclusive website offering additional special features like data analysis, voting for key decision making, new coin pair additions and more to be implemented in the next future.

Also, investors with a certain amount of tokens will have more benefits such as auditing accounting.

How to buy FYP Tokens

FYP Tokens will be available to be purchased by using Ethereum Smart Contract during the ICO.

During both the pre-sale and the ICO, investors will be able to use other digital currencies from the Flypme token sale page you can find here.

Flyp.me accepts payments in any form of the following currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, FAIR, GAME, DCR, ZEC, SYS, PPC, BLK.


Profits will be distributed to FYP Token owners on a periodical basis.

The final mechanism and timing of the profit distribution will be set up when more metrics will be available, such as the final number of FYP tokens.

The community will be involved in the determination of the profit distribution timing and metrics. Funds will be distributed by default to the ETH account holding the FYP tokens.

The net profits will be split into 50% allocated to the FlypMe Platform and 50% that will be divided by the total FYP in existence and distributed to each FYP Token.

Join the Flypme ICO now by clicking here.

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