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Weekly Crypto News #5

This is a periodic section that features the most important news in the blockchain and crypto world of the last 7 days.


Bitcoin Loses $9K Support As Markets React To S. Korea Investigation, Mt.Gox Sell-Off

Tim Draper: Bitcoin is ‘The Most Secure Place to Put Your Money’



Most Big Cryptos Dropped this Week – These Two Bucked the Trend

ERC-20 Tokens, Explained


Price Analysis

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, IOTA, EOS: Price Analysis, May 11



These 3 ICOs Have Huge Potential in 2018

‘We’re On Pace to List Over 5,000 ICOs This Year,’ Says ICO Alert Cofounder (Interview)



Zimbabwe’s Central Bank Bans Financial Institutions From All Crypto Dealings

India: Supreme Court Denies Interim Injunction Against Reserve Bank Of India Restrictions



IBM, Global Citizen Seek Blockchain Solutions for Humanitarian Aid

S. Korean Media: Electronics Giant LG Launches Own Blockchain Service ‘Monachain’

Huawei to Offer First Crypto Wallet App on Latest Smartphones


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