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Cointed – A bridge between FIAT and cryptocurrencies

Cointed started as an Austrian all-round crypto service provider in 2014, developing a easy to use online crypto exchange and providing Bitcoin ATMs. The headquarter is now in Hong Kong and the firm is preparing to expand internationally. Cointed is already expanding in some European countries and soon plans to serve also the Asian and the African markets.

During these years Cointed has developed other products and services, including a small online shop and Payco, a payment solution which allows to accept, store and transfer Bitcoin and FIAT currencies. Payco can be integrated with cash register systems and online shops. Customers are provided with hardware (mobile equipment) and software to easily upgrade their payment systems in order to include cryptocurrencies.

Cointed operates also in the mining industry. Their equipments, established in Austria and Sweden, are 100% powered with renewable energy.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

In order to develop existing and new products Cointed is raising money in exchange of their CTD tokens. At the moment there is the Pre-ICO phase and the first 130.000.000 CTD tokens (20% of the total supply) are sold with a bonus of 15%. If all those tokens will be sold before the 20th of November the bonus will become 10% until the beginning of the ICO.

The ICO will start on the 20th of November and will end on the 28th of February 2018 or when all tokens will be sold (650.000.000 CTD). In addition, the first 1.000 participants in the Pre-ICO phase who invest at least 20 ETH will receive a Cointed Limited Card for free.

Products and services

Cointed wants to issue its own Crypto Debit Card. With this card you will be able to use your cryptocurrencies for your daily needs. Cryptocurrencies are converted into FIAT and automatically added into your card balance.

After the ICO Cointed will introduce 5 different models of Crypto ATMs with software and hardware designed and produced internally. They will be available as white label products creating a great promise to the cryptocurrencies ATMs’ network expansion and distribution.


Token holders will enjoy special benefits in exploiting Cointed’s future products and services. They will have lower fees on ATMs services, on trades in the exchange and using the crypto card, 10% discount in the online shop, 5% discount on mining hosting fees, 15% discount for regular mining rigs, 15% discount on Payco POS hardware, 5% of profit sharing when accepting CTD tokens as payment and other advantages.


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