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CreativeChain interview


We interviewed David from CreativeChain.org, a decentralized platform for the registration and distribution of content that certifies the authorship and license of any work or creation making them indelible.

Hi David, first of all thank you for this interview. How long have you been working on this project?

I am a graduated in Fine Arts and I have skills at new imaging technologies. I have been researching on network theory and models of collective creation for some time. Five years ago, I became acquainted with the existence of Bitcoin and was attracted by its solution to solve the problem of trust in distributed networks. Then I thought, if that system were to adapt to any kind of relationship between people and things, we could eliminate from the equation many of the intermediaries who decide, control and make our lives more expensive. I started working in the creative department of a Payment methods startup that was already working and experimenting with blockchain technology. All the projects that existed at that time were about possible applications of the blockchain in the Economy and Finance sectors. And it was at that moment when we began to start with the idea of applying this technology to the digital content distribution sector. In November 2016 Creativechain received the E-Prize for digital innovation awarded by the e-book indutry. At that time we realized that the culture sector was already prepared to adapt to blockchain technology and we started to prepare the launch of the entire ecosystem Creativechain.

When do you plan that Creativecoin will be added on exchanges?

At the moment we are in Testnet while we have an ICO going on where we are anticipating 12 million of Creativecoins [CREA]. The Crowdsale phase ends on May 1st and on May 2nd we will start the mainnet. At that point, CREA will be launched in several exchanges.

Are you working on some strategic partnerships?

The project is receiving good feedback from the blockchain community as well as from the cultural sector. We are receiving numerous proposals from record companies, digital libraries and content platforms that want to join their content to the services offered by the Creativechain network.

Also, we have a collaboration with ChipChap, a company specialized in cash in and cash out payments conversion. Thanks to ChipChap technology, it will be possible to use the currency in other tools such as the implementation of NFC cards to incorporate the use of CREA in festivals, concerts and other cultural events.

How is CreativeChain revolutionizing digital content distribution?

Creativechain uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to challenge the centralized power of traditional systems of copyright management entities. Offering a public and transparent alternative of intellectual property registration and an innovative ecosystem in the field of peer-to-peer content distribution that frees creative people from the centralized intermediation power of traditional digital content industries.

Creativechain’s peer-to-peer ecosystem is committed to leaving behind the opaque and centralized models of content distribution whose intermediaries set huge fees that make authors’ work more expensive.

To do this, the platform incorporates diverse methods of distribution based on an original development known as “Smart Actions”. This type of smart contracts allows users to close deals of rights assignment or content distribution with multiple methods: direct sales, distribution with copyleft licenses, donations and Royalty Free. Equity Crowdfunding method is also another interesting concept, which means that the creator of the work offers a participation percentage for investors. This way, the future benefits of distribution of the work are distributed automatically among all microinverters. Another example is the possibility of adding contracts to the works so they can accept sponsorship or publicity from third parties.

All this would be done without intermediaries who manage the processes of trust. To know all methods of distribution I encourage the reader to visit our website or the documentation of the API

In Creativechain all interaction and consumption data are public, always respecting the choice of identity and anonymity of the authors or consumers. This way, any user or distributor that participates in the social network can use the statistics of the network to improve its content offer on equal rights and conditions.

The platform has been published with a free code license in order to open the development to other multimedia platforms that want to create and connect their own distributed applications.

The set of possibilities that creativechain offers not only offers an innovative ecosystem of distribution of contents 100% P2P based on technology blockchain.

We want to create a scenario of total emancipation of communities of free creative people from the power of centralized intermediation of traditional digital content industries.

What is your vision for the project? What does it look like 1 year from now?

The recent irruption of blockchain technology allows many possibilities for the registration and distribution of intellectual property without intermediaries. The power of attorney along with the decentralized distribution of digital P2P content articulate a new paradigm shift in the era of digital culture.

Creativechain presents a powerful project that will undoubtedly help to incorporate all creative communities into the Blockchain technological revolution to build the largest decentralized book of content records.

Creativechain is a platform with a clear roadmap whose goal is to be a free software tool of reference in the multimedia ecosystem of the new era blockchain. Throughout this year, we hope to see the use of the platform in the main audiovisual media (photography, video and music). Once Creativechain platform is consolidated, we will open new platforms connected to the blockchain of Creativechain. They will be specialized in the distribution of software, ebooks, blogs, newspapers and other means of cultural distribution.

How has the ICO gone so far? What amount do you plan to raise?

Creativechain ICO itself is a way to spread the project and reach people to get involved with it.

Unlike the rest of ICO Creativechain is already releasing code and tools to test the platform in testnet phase before the end of the crowdfund. Also, Multiplatform Wallets, Android App, Block Explorer, Pool, content explorer, Creativechain smart actions and an available testnet platform have been launched while ICO is still going on. This way, everyone can check that the project is real and unstoppable.

Once the crowdsale ends, mainnet will start with a platform that is already publicly working and avoiding to wait a long time to believe that the project exists.

The way we have focused our ICO has caused very good reactions on websites specialized in valuing ICOs. An example of this is the web reference icotracker.net that has valued the ICO of Creativechain with one of the best scores of all ICOs currently active.

At the time of this interview ICO has collected 9 BTC. The project only had a minimum necessary collection of 6 BTC, the rest of the funds raised will be used to continue financing the development of the platform. Creativechain is an open source project and our main motivation is our willing to create a strong creative community who want to share their knowledge to create something big and truly disruptive in the sector. All people who collaborate in the project are rewarded with CREA, so the value of the currency is also backed by the work and dedication of the community that is participating in it.


Check the official creativechain platform: CreativeChain.org

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