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RISE, DApp platform with DPOS consensus model

RISE is a Shift/Ark-based cryptocurrency and distributed application platform that aims to be a user friendly tool for people to build SDK Apps and DApps on top of it.

Considering the huge success of cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructures just in the last year, that boosted the total market capitalization of cryptos from $18 Billion to more than $120 Billion, Ethereum, Lisk and other Blockchain-as-a-Service platforms were active players of this revolution. It’s not the focus of this post to analyze if this trend can be considered a bubble or not, but it’s important to highlight the quick growth of many DApp platforms that use Delegate Proof of Stake consensus model.

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized and most flexible consensus model available, that resolves consensus issues in a fair and democratic way. Stakeholders elect a certain number of delegates, that are able to tune all network parameters, from fee schedules to block intervals and transaction sizes.

RISE is using a Delegate system which allows only 1 vote per wallet address, instead of 101 votes per wallet address like LISK. This is similar to how ARK’s delegate system works.
However, where ARK has only 51 active delegate spots for forging, RISE will have 101 just like LISK.
To view Delegate rank, approval rates, forged RISE per node and more you can check the official RISE Delegate Monitor:

After successfully completed the swap, in collaboration with Bittrex, the team is working hard on the next steps, such as the new website that will be launched soon. Furthermore, the community is very active and it counts 1300+ people only in Slack channel.
The coin is mainly traded on Bittrex, as shown in EthereumWisdom RISE page, and at the moment it is requested about 300k RISE (6/7 btc) in the addresses of voters to be in the 101, a huge amount considering that the swap happened just three weeks ago.

DApp platforms are going mainstream and a single blockchain would become congested once DApps become popular, so this project could become one of the main actors in this landscape. We’ll see what the future holds!

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