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United Traders Reveals ICO Plans with a Vision to Solve the Liquidity Problem in the World of Cryptocurrency

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United Traders is all set to launch a token ICO on November 30 to form a combination of platforms that would serve as a place to gather investor’s capital with investing products, a cryptocurrency exchange, and the biggest financial dictionary.

November 13, 2017

United Traders, a proprietary trading company that engages traders from forty-two countries worldwide, has just announced that their upcoming ICO will get underway on November 30, 2017. Right now, the pre-sale campaign has already started, offering tokens for purchase with up to 30% discount starting from 70 ETH. With 65,000,000 UTT worth 130,000ETH on offer.

“We have been besieged from all sides since the first of the ICO. People try to contact us via social networks, corporate emails, the call sales office and technical support,” said Anatoly Radchenko, the Managing Partner of United Traders. “They keep asking about the terms of purchase. We had over 10.000 registrations even before the launch of the main website.  Based upon the public response we will sale about half of the tokens during the Pre-sale.”

United Traders has global plans, some of which they have already implemented:

  • UT already runs a multimarket platform Aurora (desktop windows)  that supports operations at NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, ARCA, CME, CBOE, CBOT, EUREX, MOEX, SPBEX and Kraken
  • Upon the launch, United Traders Exchange (UTEX) can make it to the top of the global cryptocurrency exchanges just based on the current UT traders and clients. Liquidity has become   a major concern for the cryptocurrency industry. With solid expertise in algorithm trading and thorough understand of the crypto market, infrastructure United Traders looks all set to solve this problem leveraging the power of special Smart route system. It is designed to enable execution of large orders at the best prices by way of distributing a certain part of orders concurrently among several cryptocurrency exchanges
  • An investment platform where anyone can make up a portfolio of various investment ideas has already been launched. One of those ideas is Kvadrat Black, UT algorithmic  hedge fund. Investors may already purchase stocks of non-public companies, such as AirBnb, Uber, SpaceX, with crowdfunding opportunities, the UTEX exchange and tokenization  making such investments liquid
  • Another project within the UT ecosystem is the Mega Dictionary. This Megadictionary is being positioned as a Wikipedia where advertisers can place their ads and authors can make money from ads in their articles. This allows the authors to get the feedback and create the most relevant content, share the most useful knowledge. In the end, UT is going to launch a global community of financial experts. Each meaningful action of the expert will be recorded in the blockchain.  This will allow users to know for sure whether a person is an expert in his field or not

Upon the ICO all existing UT projects will integrate the token as an internal currency.  All projects are operational with proprietary client base. UT promises that all projects will continue to be developed and go global using funds earned by selling the tokens

Operating since 2009 and established itself as trusted experts in the CIS on the American stock markets, United Traders gained wide recognition in 2011 after winning the Best Private Investor competition organized by the Moscow Stock Exchange. During the competition, the traders’ performance was more than 10.000% per annum. The namesake hedge fund managed by UT was awarded Russian Hedge fund industry awards in 2014 and 2015

To find out more about United Traders, please check out the company’s whitepaper at https://goo.gl9pA6WY/

To sign-up and receive 30% discount, please visit: https://uttoken.io/

Contact: Alexey Markov, telegram: @alexeymarkov080

Website: https://uttoken.io/

Email: amarkov@unitedtraders.com

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