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Monaco launches a new Ethereum and Bitcoin Debit Card

Monaco is a new Ethereum and Bitcoin debit card based on the VISA® circuit to spend and convert your bitcoin, ether (and soon other ERC20 tokens) on the fly.

It wants to disrupt and make bitcoin and ethereum payments easier thanks to a debit card that can be used worldwide and wherever VISA® cards are accepted.

Monaco Visa® Card is linked to your own bitcoin and/or ether wallet, and you will pay very low fees.

How to order your Ethereum/Bitcoin Debit Card

In order to receive the Monaco VISA® Card, you just need to download the Monaco App available both for Android and iPhone and, then go through a simple 3-minutes process, that includes a remote KYC (digital ID verification) for your safety.

After this process, you will receive your Monaco Cards free of charge, when all its competitors ask up to $30 to send you the physical card at home.

Where can I use it?

The very good thing about the Monaco VISA® Card is that you can use at more than 30 millions shops worldwide; wherever VISA® cards are accepted, both online and offline.

It is very useful especially when you are traveling abroad because you can exchange your digital currencies in the local fiat currency.

In fact, you can pay anywhere VISA® cards are accepted. Your card will always be treated as a local currency card, you will receive interbank exchange rates without any markup and cross-border fees.

Monaco Fees

Compared to a normal debit card issued by banks, with the Monaco Visa® Card you will save 30-40 EUR on every 500EUR spent because you can fund your card with Ether and Bitcoin, instantly and for free.

Only the exact amount that you spend with your Monaco Card will be exchanged from ETH and BTC in real-time, with rest being securely stored in your wallet.

So, users can load the Monaco Card with digital currencies in real-time and free of charge and have the funds immediately accessible.

Also, users can set up rules to automatically top-up your bitcoin debit card card whenever the balance drops below a specific level you can set up anytime.

Monaco Competitors

Of course, there are a few competitors of Monaco that are already in the market.

But the very good news about Monaco is that it is free of charge when you ask for the debit card and you will pay only the 1% licensing fee on transactions.

Also, you can always change the currency of your card, as you can use it worldwide: your Monaco Visa card will always be treated as a local currency card.

Monaco Token and ICO

MCO is the Monaco-issued token. The creation event will last for 30 days only, starting on 18th of May 2017.

A fixed number will be created (approximately 17.6 m) during the sale, and no more will be created in the future in order to prevent any inflation of prices.

MCO Asset Contract accrues a 1% licensing fee on transactions using the Monaco Card funded with digital currencies, as well as exchange transactions.

Monaco already raised more than $3 million just in the first 3 days of the ICO. At press time, June 6th, the campaign will end in a few days.

Monaco BLACK Card

The very first 999 users will receive the so-called Monaco BLACK card, a limited edition of the Monaco VISA® Card.

Monaco Black Card owners will be able to enjoy unlimited interbank exchange rates and triple free monthly ATM withdrawal limits with more benefits rolled out in the next future.

Monaco Team

When you decide to invest in a startup and in its ICO you always should take a few minutes to evaluate the team and if it is in public domain.

In this case, Monaco published the name of the whole team, composed of people already known in the market because of their previous projects or companies they worked with.

For example, among the advisory board, we can find Ransu Salovaara, CEO of TokenMarket, or experts that used to work at VISA®.

Find out more about Ethereum and Bitcoin debit card here.

Amelia Tomasicchio is a content writer and marketer of Bitcoin-related news and fintech startups. She started writing about Bitcoin in 2014 and she graduated in Rome with an essay about movie industry related to Bitcoin.

16 thoughts on “Monaco launches a new Ethereum and Bitcoin Debit Card

  1. I never donated 2m i tried to load my card and all my accounts down loaded mail my card to me so i dont loose more through these fucking apps

  2. It could be very intersting to know name for that android app in order to check how to receive this debit card.
    Also important is to understand the process for this ICO from technical side for this debit card.
    Very strange to think that Monaco is ready to produce a Debit card that directly exchange from Cryptocurrency to FIAT ones. and we can use as a wallet. It should be the first in this moment, I hope it is not a scam ICO

  3. Could you please advise me where I get the monaco app for the monaco debit care. I have tried playstore and Galaxy apps but nothng appears called Monaco App. Does any other app allow me to order a monaco debit card and use ti?

  4. Hi. I have invest in monaco token and sre intersted to start using monaco visa card soon. Is it still possible to get monaco black card? (First 999 users)

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