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Crypviser to disrupt private and business communication with encryption

Crypviser is the first disruptive encrypted network for social and business communication based on blockchain technology.

Based on the highest standards of cryptography for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of data, this all-in-one social network includes instant chats, voice and video calls, group calls and more.

This way, Crypviser aims at simplifying and introducing a wide range of encrypted products for B2C and B2B markets, which until now were only available to the biggest corporations, financial institutes, governments and secret services.

Security benefits and Crypviser use cases

There are many advantages for a more secure interaction and crucial information exchange.

Here the possible use cases and targets for Crypviser:

  • Consumers want their personal info such as their address, credit card number to be safe;
  • Government institutions are dealing with all kinds of sensitive information including tax information;
  • Insurances and attorneys have a great amount of confidential data regarding the financial or legal issues of their users;
  • Medical institutions need to protect and securely exchange all confidential information related to the patients;
  • Financial organizations mostly dealing and exchanging with top – secret financial and brokerage data related to their customers and partners;
  • Businesses have a strong demand in keeping technical specifications of their most important products and services confidential.

Blockchain encryption

In order to secure the network, Crypviser uses the Ethereum blockchain.

Because the encryption keys exchange, distribution and the authentication process is the most important phase in any cryptographic model, Crypviser decided to use public-keys decentralized distribution based on the Ethereum-based blockchain.

Crypviser allows a distributed ledger-based authentication model to truly identify and confirm public keys ownership.

This helps to avoid the MITM threat or any kind of manipulation attempts from the server and any other third party.
As the blockchain is a decentralized database, it contains all the info on the correspondence of the unique identifier of each user and the first half of his public key.

This way, Crypviser’s server (CV-server) contains information about the correspondence between the unique user ID and the value of the second half of its public key.

A multi-purpose ecosystem

Crypviser aims at providing the best secure interaction products both for consumer and business groups and the ecosystem will always continue to grow in order to create a multi-purpose network.

Both for private and business users Crypviser developed these solutions:

  • Encrypted unlimited instant messaging (chats)
  • Voice messages exchange
  • Secure unlimited voice calls
  • Encrypted video calls
  • Secure photo/video/file sharing Limited by size Unlimited Unlimited
  • Auto-destruction feature
  • CVPay exchange
  • Encrypted local storage
  • Blockchain-based authentication (protection against MiTM attacks)
  • Manual authentication (MiTM protection)
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Multi-device support
  • Encrypted sync between multi – devices
  • Group calls
  • Local security features
  • 1 incoming international number
  • FREE minutes package for secure international

CVCoin Token Distribution

The most important objective of the Crypviser token – now called CVCoin – is using it to pay blockchain transaction fees for authentication, authorizing and identifying users’ public keys, and ensuring the highest level of security for the encrypted network.

Public key authentication is the main stage in each cryptography model to make sure that all the keys belong to the real owner.

Thanks to the blockchain-based transactions, Crypviser allows a genuine encryption key identification to avoid any manipulation, interceptions and “man-in-the-middle” (MITM) attacks on all communication levels.

Crypviser will issue around 5,000,000 coins for the distribution between team members, the bounty campaign and for investors’ returns.

10,000,000 CVCoins will be offered at the exclusive pre-ICO sales sessions.

Afterward, the rest of the issued CVCoins will become publicly available during the official ICO from May 20th to June 30th, 2017.

Upon the completion of this ICO campaign, all the unclaimed CVCoins will be listed on public stock markets only, at an initial rate of 0.99 EUR per 1 CVC.

All the investors who decide to participate in the ICO campaign will have the great chance to invest in CVCoins now.

During the public ICO, CVCoins will be available with discounts up to 25%.

After the market launch, the token investors bought can then be sold to other users, with profit margins of up to 25% or converted on public exchange platforms.

CrypViser partners with ChronoBank

Thanks to a partnership between CrypViser and ChronoBank, until June 30th, investors who want to buy CVCoins during the ICO will be able to pay with ChronoBank TIME tokens.

This cooperation can represent a great benefit, encouraging the development of the project and creating new opportunities for the whole community and investors.

Right now, all the investors in ChronoBank and CrypViser are able to enjoy an exclusive early-bird access to the messenger service.

Also, members of both Chronobank and CrypViser will have the opportunity to make in-app payments for the messenger’s services using TIME tokens.

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