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Details of Creativechain next core update

In order to improve its core, Creativechain team has developed some implementations that will give greater robustness to the blockchain of the project.
This update focuses on solutions to secure the network more efficiently, achieve greater decentralization of the network and protect itself from the power of multiple mining pools and its asymmetric hashing power.

It is a technology that implements a more dynamic recalculation of the mining difficulty.
DigiShield protects CREA against double-spending attempts or 51% attacks and slow down the blockchain until the next recalculation is reached. It helps ensure greater confidence in any currency that implements it, allowing the difficulty to rise and fall almost perfectly synchronized with increases or decreases in the net hash of a currency.
DigiShield is an asymmetric approach to re-targeting difficulty.
Currently the difficulty is recalculated every 720 blocks; with this implementation the recalculation will happen to be made each block (120 seconds).
this system will give greater security to the ecosystem of the network of Creativechain.

New SHA-3 KECCAK algorithm (POW)
The SHA-3 Keccak is an algorithm approved and certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
The reason for changing the current algorithm (Scrypt) to SHA-3 is not only to increase security and modernize CREA technology. The implementation of this algorithm also brings other qualities to the POW as the possibility of mining with CPU or GPU to the detriment of ASIC. The possibility of mining with GPU and CPU will increase the distribution of hashing power in more workers and it will reduce the energy expenditure to secure the network.
At the same time, the option of mining with CPU allows the coin to be mined from any computer, opening the possibility of integrating in the platform client a mining software so that users can participate in securing the network while they earn CREA.
Sha-3 Keccak in github

To develop the core update in order to add these new implementations, a fork of the CREA blockchain has to be made.
The change is simple, it will only be necessary for the exchanges and the users to update the wallet to operate in the new fork.This update has already been tested by the CREA team during the last weeks.

What users should do
Users will need to update their CREAwallet (Android, Linux, MacOS or Windows) so they CREA can continue to operate correctly when the fork happens.
As simple as downloading the last version of desktop wallets in (making a copy of the .dat file) and for Android wallets.
All exchanges where CREA is available (Cryptopia, Coinexchange, Novaexchange and Bitgrail) have confirmed that they have updated their wallets to support the new update. Those users who have CREA on this exchanges won’t need to do anything.

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