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RISE unveils its plans to boost the development of Dapps

Two weeks ago we presented RISE, a platform for Decentralized Distributed applications, Smart Contracts and Side-chain/token asset creation, powered by a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain. Read here the blog post.

Today we follow that introduction up with a more detailed analysis. In order to help you to evaluate this project, have a look at this professional and easy to understand video made by Doom, a RISE delegate:

Rise Specifications
Delegated Proof of Stake System
101 Delegates
1 vote per wallet address
Block time: 30 seconds
Block reward: 15 Rise (first year)
Round time: 50 minutes 30 seconds
Rise plans to support multiple programming languages, such as C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and JAVA.
For developers, the technical documentation for the RiseVision Project can be found in their GitHub.

Business proposals

According to their brand new website, the main efforts will be addressed to the development of the Rise Blockchain Incubator. There is a rapid growth of blockchain startups and RISE aims to intercept this trend, assisting emerging companies to build mobile Dapps on top of its blockchain.
For this reason, a Rise Mobile Dapp store is in roadmap. The whitepaper will be released in about September 2017, while the release of Rise Store 1.0 is scheduled for first quarter of 2018.

Talking back about the Incubator, Rise will assist the selected projects from the idea till the launch in the market, but the team also will put in place the full technical experience needed for coding the project.
At the moment there are 4 projects lined up using RISE blockchain incubator services and there will be a competition announced for future projects whereby people will pitch to the team their ideas and they will help finance and build the most promising of them.

For all blockchain startups that Rise builds the following distribution and allocation model will be used.
70% Token Exchange / Sale
10% Development Team
20% Rise Holders

There are 2 projects already disclosed: Interlet, designed to be in direct competition for centralized vacation rental services like Airbnb, and Chipz, a fully operational casino built in conjunction with an established casino software supplier.


Additional Resources
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