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ConnectJob Announces Development of Universal Jobbing Platform To Reinvent The Labour Market

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ConnectJob, a decentralized platform for universal service delivery based on geolocation, has launched their token pre-sale. The blockchain-based startup is the first peer-to-peer jobbing platform connecting skilled, independent workers with service seekers. Leveraging the immutability of the blockchain and disintermediation capabilities of smart contracts, ConnectJob is set to unleash the potentials of the $900 billion gig economy by providing a platform where users can safely exchange values.

Developed by a highly experienced team and backed by illustrious veterans from the financial, management, legal and blockchain industry, ConnectJob facilitates a wide range of services ranging from coaching to gardening, babysitting, cleaning, driving, and many more on a easy-to-use mobile platform. Freely downloadable from Apple or Google Play store for IOS or Android devices, users can register as jobbers through an intuitive interface or engage the services of registered jobbers in the locality. Using internally developed  geolocational service tools and “Uber-like” counter system, ConnectJob will reinvent the labour market for the independent worker, enabling them to maximize their skills and abilities anytime, anywhere. Users will be able to monitor jobbers at their job from the comfort of their devices.

ConnectJob’s ecosystem is underpinned by a unique reputation-based system that records all transactions, comments, and reviews on the blockchain. The blockchain secures the integrity of the network, creating a transparent, secure, and auditable system without third-party interferences. Unlike traditional platforms, reputation is not just a scoring system that is arbitrarily assigned, rather it is based on users’ feedbacks. Jobbers will be able to use their hard-earned reputation on ConnectJob’s services as a proof-of-reliability on other platforms, without having to build their reputation from the ground up. The platform also accepts these kinds of certification from other reliable platforms.

ConnectJob will integrate its services with reputable decentralized exchanges to facilitate easy liquidity of assets for all users. This will enable them to exchange their assets into other assets or fiat at their own convenience. This service will also help eliminate the security breaches and scams that has been plaguing the crypto community lately.


Token Sale

ConnectJob believes that through people helping each other, the world can be a better place. This is why the company is offering early adopters and investors the opportunity to acquire the platform’s unique token, CJT, after successfully testing the platform in Eastern European for three months. Tokens can be purchased at 2,400 CJT per ETH using Bitcoin, Ether, or fiat with a  20% bonus.

Date: 01/12/2017 to 11/02/2018
HardCap : 12 M$
Amount of CJT Tokens : 63 240 000
In 3 Steps :
1st Strech Goal : 4 M$
2nd Strech Goal : 4 M$
3rd Strech Goal : 4 M$
Bonus :
20% discount during the entire pre-sale period.

Date : 12/02/2018 to 30/04/2018
Hardcap : 25 M$
Amount of CJT Tokens : 131 760 000
Bonus :
First 2 weeks : 12% (week 1 to 2)
Next two weeks : 9% (week 3 to 4)
Next two weeks : 6% (week 4 to 5)
Next two weeks : 3% (week 5 to 6)
Next two weeks : 2% (week 7 to 8)
After week 8 : 0%
Total token sale
Hardcap : 37 M$
Date : 01/12/2017 to 30/04/2018
Total amount of CJT allocated during the token sale : 195 000 000 (65% created tokens)
Total amount of CJT tokens : 300 000 000

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