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CanYa – A decentralized marketplace for services

CanYa’s aim is to build a decentralized marketplace of services exploiting blockchain technology. The vision is to create a virtual place where people can meet each other, a sort of social network, in order to provide or to buy services. Thanks to this application, who needs a professional for every kind of performance can find the best service providers situated around him or all over the world in the case of digital services.    

CanYa currently runs a functioning platform where thousands of jobs have already been completed. At the moment its community counts 8000 users and 4000 service providers. It is growing, but it is still centralized. The company is raising funds through an ICO in order to add the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies and to exploit all the advantages brought by these instruments.


Token Sale

CanYa’s coins will be called CAN tokens and will be built using the ERC-20 Ethereum standard. The ICO began on the 26TH of November and will finish on the 26TH of December unless all the 60.000.000 tokens available for sale will be sold before. In total there will be 100.000.000 tokens, of which the 40.00.000 not available for sale will be allocated for the 50% in a reward pool in order to incentivize participants to use the CanYa ecosystem, like a loyalty program. The other 50% will be locked for an year before to go to the founders, to early contributors and to advisors of the project.

CAN token sale is scheduled to happen in four stages:

  • private sales (26.000.000 CAN)
  • “Dolphin” tier (14.000.000 CAN)
  • tier 1 (4.000.000 CAN)
  • tier 2 (16.000.000 CAN)

During the private sales phase tokens will be sold to strategic investors who can contribute and give their support in the long run. The “Dolphin” tier is a sale where buyer have to be invited in order to buy tokens with an exchange rate of 1.400 CAN/ETH. Tier 1 and tier 2 are two phases of the public sale, with one ETH is possible to buy respectively 1.200 and 1.000 CAN.


CAN tokens purposes

1) A consumptive use token for providers to access premium features in the app, contributed monthly.

2) A loyalty token to reward users who participate in the platform, gived to them when they perform certain activities in the ecosystem. If compliant with all local regulations, and appropriately licensed to do so.

3) A medium of value exchange allowing providers to invoice their services in CAN tokens.

4) A store of value, allowing providers to retain payments in the CanYa wallet.


CanYa’s vision

At current exchange rate CanYa wants to rise 11.000.000 €.

What they want to create with this money?

Within two years they promise to create a fully decentralized peer-to-peer platform that don’t need a central part. It will be possible to pay with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Monero and Dash. Their vision is an autonomous services marketplace where payments are managed with smart contracts and users are guaranteed by escrows. In exchange of CAN tokens users can contribute performing curation, verification and assist in arbitration of disputes. As features of CanYa they dream also decentralised, low latency storage and decentralized computation.


CanYa will be launched globally in March 2018, starting with a centralized version of the app that will be gradually decentralized.


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